The Riksha™ lets you bike, stroll, jog and enjoy the outdoors as a family, whilst keeping your little ones comfortable and very safe. The Riksha™ is a virtually indestructible bicycle trailer, with loads of space for your children, towed behind your bicycle with a pivoting coupler, ensuring it stays upright, even if the bike topples over. The Riksha™ also converts to a stroller very easily, ideal for jogging and strolling with your child in South African conditions.

The Riksha™ is a very comfortable and safe ride for a child that allows them to come along on bike rides. A bicycle towing a Riksha™ handles normally, corners predictably, and remains maneuverable. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, big 16-inch alloy wheels with a quick-release design, and also folds flat for easy transport and storage. The Riksha™ attaches quickly and easily to most bikes and features a weather shield provides extra protection from the elements and will keep your child out of direct sunlight.